Who We Are, What We Do, Where We Come From

Who We Are

  New Hope Energy is founded on the the  revolutionary idea that waste can be the foundation for advanced recycling and next-generation fuels. 

First, we harness Pyrolysis and other technologies in new ways to thermally decompose plastics  into Hydrocarbon products.

We have other technology in development, using our  break-through technology of our own and our partners for Waste to Energy Projects

What We Do

We convert plastics  from a variety of sources into petroleum products.  

We build our own patented vessels and put them into our own plants. New Hope Energy strategically builds plants close to our feedstocks and buyers. 

We work in geographic areas in need of economic opportunity .      

We are partners in projects aimed at reducing Ocean plastic Waste , and building  Zero Waste  circular economy business plans by providing non-waste options for what people are currently l and filling

Where We Come From

Started in 2008 by our founding engineer,  Renewable Diesel Micro Refinery (RDMR) DBA New Hope Energy was formed in 2013.   

We developed final patents on our technology  and began to carefully build a team . After thoughtful consideration to our first business models, we  built our  first production Unit in Justin, TX . 

In early 2017 we moved to Tyler Texas, and built Phase I of  NHET, our continuous feed multiple unit production plant in 2018.  We currently have  relationships with several oil buyers, and have several other projects in development.



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