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The First Plastics Ever Created Still Exist

 The first plastics, created over a century ago, still exist in a landfill or are floating in the Great pacific Gyre sometimes called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Leaving them unchanged in the environment or in a Landfill can impact our health in a variety of ways.

When wood, steel and rubber got hard to find in World War II , petroleum based plastics were developed as substitutes and have continued to grow exponentially  

Can we recycle it?

In some cases yes, in many cases not yet. 

Recyclers are sorting and bundling specialists. They take what they can and resell it. Most of it still goes to the Landfill.


there are three ways:

Mechanically: changing the size of the plastic item with shredders, compactors, cutters or grinders

-only useful if it is in pure resin form, without color and not mixed with additives

Chemically :The chemical bonds can be broken and encouraged to reform into new compounds. sometimes a catalyst is used.

-Mostly theoretical at this time, but in limited commercial use to change limited products into even less new uses

Thermally  Head or cold can be applied to change the characteristics of the plastics to solid, liquid , gas  or sometimes plasma if it's chemically changed at the same time.


-Cryogenic Freezing

What about we cant recycle?


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