About US

What We Do


Here at New Hope Energy, our main goal is channeling plastic feedstock and converting it from its municipal, industrial, pre or post recycling state into usable petroleum products. 

We started with an intense desire to redefine the plastic recycling industry of the United States into what it should be for the best interest of the community. 

We've stationed all our plants at strategic locations, where they'll be close to both feedstocks and buyers, as our own way of creating economic opportunities for our host communities.

Our Feedstock


Generally, we are open to taking all plastic products, including; HDPE, LDPE, Polystyrene, and Polypropylene. 

We accept mixed colors of plastics, as long as they fall into the categories of these products. 

We will also accept bulk PET, PVC or ABS. 

Reach us through any of our dedicated channels to discuss more on this.

Our Technology


This is a simple illustration of our process. 

Some proprietary steps and details of our patented technology and additional co-products are omitted.

Waste Energy Projects


As part of our goals to give back to the society in every way possible, we've entered into meaningful partnerships to provide syn-gas that propels turbines for power generation, using plastics as feedstocks.

Our Products


Low sulfer, ASTM standard

Marine MGO

Bunker 2 and 4

Home Heating Oil

Fuel Oil 2 

Fuel Oil 4