Chemical Plastics Recycling Plants

We make petroleum products from plastics by using  our Mechanical Plastic Recycling Facilities (MPRFs) to prepare it to feed our Chemical Plastic Recycling Facilities (CPRFs), in plants like Trinity Oaks Tyler. The CPRFs are tuned for  a range of products like low sulfur Bunker Fuel,  Naphtha and other products.  This is key technology for creating a Circular Plastic Economy  

By creating our own products geographically near our plastic providers and energy buyers we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions are much less than if we pulled and processed Hydrocarbons from the ground.


  •  Trinity Oaks Tyler  produces fuel in the Bunker 2 and 4 and Home Heating Oil 2 and 4 range, raw naphtha, chemical recycling of plastics
  • News about additional CRFs will be added here