Closed Loop Partnership

What is a Closed Loop Partnership?

 When you find a company, or group of companies who can take  your product at the end of its useful life as a raw material and use it to produce a product you can use as raw material , you have a closed loop partner.

An example

A plastic manufacturer provides unrecoverable plastic to a company like New Hope Energy, that reverts the plastic to oil the manufacturer uses to power it's production machinery.

Another Example

You design a product using resins that are non-toxic and recoverable, you can find a recycling partner who can mechanically regrind it into a product that replaces a portion to the resin you need for your product. (regrinds)

Find a Circular Network

Find or form a network of companies looking for closed loop partners, like the  Industrial Waste Reduction Network.

Sustainability officers

Many companies have sustainability officers who identify opportunities for closed loop partners.