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How Does Your Technology Work?

 Our technology is based on pyrolysis. We decompose plastic in the absence of oxygen. In our process, plastic is a resource not waste. First we mechanically process the plastic in a proprietary way,  and then continuously load it into our own reactor. The reactor environment is oxygen free environment at high temperatures and low pressure. The plastic decomposes without combustion and changes to gas form.  Finally, We cool most of  the gas into liquid petroleum fractions. The rest of the gas we port into our reactor heating systems to reduce our own costs. We do this in a sealed environment, with virtually no waste hydrocarbon emissions." 

What kinds of plastics can you use?

We mechanically process some kinds of plastic, but most kinds of plastic we can use.  See our plastic  page for details

I'm an oil broker/buyer. How can I get a copy of test results and a Sample to test?

Send your contact information to, with your contact name phone number, email address, where you would like it sent, and the quantity you need. We will reach out to you.

I have plastic I don't want to pay to put in a landfill, and can't recycle. How can you help me?

New Hope Energy deals primarily in bulk, high volume plastic, but reach out to us at  with your contact name phone number, email address, and we will reach out to you. 

I am a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) how can I find out opportunities on my site?

We have developed smaller capacity systems for integration into a MSW or Recycling facility. Reach out to us at

I am a company that needs to increase my recycled plastic content. Can you help us with that?

Possibly.  Everything we produce is 100% recycled content, and if you can use it in your production, it counts in most states as recycled content. If you pring us recovered or excess plastic product, we could even possibly create a closed loop reducing your need for raw material. contact us a