Plastic Conversion Plants


We make petroleum products from plastics, by applying proprietary NHE technology for the purpose of creating plastic conversion facilities (PCFs), then we put them in plants for the successful creation of energy. 

In most cases, we try to maximize conversion of plastics to low sulfur petroleum products, although we can still set them up for the production of other energy products too.

Our end to end process is for plastic providers and energy buyers in the plant area and our proximity plan and patented process helps reduce green house gas emissions required for production. 

By creating our own products, we are to a large extent reducing greenhouse gas emissions, when compared to other ways of producing the liquid petroleum products replaced by our fuels.

PTE Plant News

  • Trinity Oaks Tyler LLC is at 1775 Duncan Street, Tyler, TX 75708. This plant holds the first of several plastic conversion facilities (PCFs). We produce fuel in the Bunker 2 and 4 and Home Heating Oil 2 and 4 range at this plant.
  • News about additional PCFs and plants will be posted here.