What Plastics do We Take?



Prepared For Our Reactors


Plastic Feed Stock Comes from a Variety of Sources

Getting Your Plastic to Us

Post-Industrial Plastic

Plastic Manufacturers, extrudes, film makers have color transitions, QC samples, and mixed plastic lots, cancellations - not everything can be made into regrinds for reuse. If it is one of the types listed above, we are interested.

Post-Recycled Plastic

Recyclers have plastic that cannot be recycled, mixed types and colors. If your material meets the standards listed above, we can save your landfill fees!

Municipal Solid Waste Plastic

Waste collected in a multi-stream or single stream still has plastics headed for the landfill.  We can take the material if it meets the standards above

Landfill and Collection Services

Some collection services may have plastic streams they have to landfill.  Contact us to see if we can reduce your load.

Post-Commercial Plastic

Commercial and retail groups can bring us their packing materials, post-product plastic drums.

Plastic That Can No Longer Be Exported

China banned the import of most  plastic waste in 2017.  Contact us if your plastic is stacking up.