Sustainability Specialists

Circular Economy Consultants


Circular economy consultants are emerging from manufactures, supply chain and procurement initiatives in a vast array of industries. 

What ever your current title, we may be a resource for you.

ISO 14000 Program Managers


If you are an ISO 14000 program manager, you need to make new waste reductions every year. maybe we can help.

Circular Economy 100 Consultants


Circular Economy 100 Consultants, maybe we can be a tool in your belt for continuous improvement.

Sustainability Managers


If you are a sustainability manager in the plastics industry, bring us your quote of outputs and inputs and their locations. 

If we can't help we may be able to tell you who to call.

LEAN Manufacturing


LEAN Program Managers & Manufactures reexamine their outputs every year to support continuous improvement.

If you have un-recyclable post-industrial plastic waste contact us.

Sustainable Procurement


Sustainable procurement is the practice of redesigning a company's procurement practices to support renewable energy, reduced greenhouse gas, and other corporate environmental goals. 

You will find your pool of vendors and service providers are reduced. 

We may be able to help you meet your goals.