Zero waste is the right step towards a circular economy

As part of the services we offer, we can put a circular economy up for your company.

In the past, we saw lean manufacturing and six sigma specialists create efficient upstream systems that used process architecture to reduce downstream waste. As they began to work towards downstream, the design was stopped at curb and left for the waste management system.

Creating a closed loop system or circular economy for your company is taking the design into the waste management stream and finding ways to reuse, recycle, re-purpose or reform your current waste stream.

A  book by  Omar Romero‐Hernández & Sergio Romero "Maximizing the Value of Waste, from Waste Management to a Circular Economy", propose that we need to take it a step further.

"Over 90% of Fortune 75 companies publish corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports to highlight their efforts to tackle sustainability challenges, and while a vast majority of these reports cite improved waste management initiatives, less than a quarter of these firms derive profit from good solid waste management practices or circular economy strategies."

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