New Hope Partners With Dow To Support Circular Plastics

New Hope Energy says it has signed a multi-year offtake agreement with Dow to provide pyrolysis oil feedstock derived from recycled plastics collected in North America.

The Lummus New Hope Plastics Pyrolysis Technology converts end-of-life plastic, diverting the waste away from landfills or the environment, into feedstock, which Dow will use to produce circular plastics. The technology is part of a partnership formed in 2020 between New Hope and Lummus Technology, combining Lummus’ ability to license, scale up and further develop process technology and New Hope’s operational experience and waste conversion technology.

New Hope Energy will produce the feedstock for Dow at its Trinity Oaks facility in Tyler, Texas. In addition, New Hope is in the process of expanding the existing Trinity Oaks production facility, utilizing technology jointly developed with Lummus. Final commissioning for the plant expansion is planned for late 2022.